Protect Yourself from Facebook

Facebook recently announced that it will now track your entire browsing sessions. So, even if you are not on Facebook, Facebook is at liberty to collect data such as – the websites you visited, the Google searches you made, your location, the items you purchased, the movies you streamed,  the credit cards you used, the people you chatted with, the photos you shared etc etc. Pretty Scary!

Not just that, Facebook can also share your information with other (potentially unreliable) websites and companies.

Facebook claims that you can “opt out” if you don’t want your information collected. Turns out that opting-out is not as simple as it sounds! Of course, they’ll make it complicated, so most people are unable to opt-out.

So, here are the steps to follow if you wish to opt-out:

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 6.27.46 PM

  • Click on the “Choose all companies” button on the bottom of the grid.
  • Now repeat this for every browser you use  – Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc. (I told you it wasn’t so simple!)
  • Also repeat for every PC / laptop you you use.

You have now opted-out of being tracked by Facebook, as well as a bunch of other websites. Well done 🙂

There’s just one more thing to do – Make sure that these guys don’t track everything you do on your phone/tablet!

So, on your iPhone/iPad,

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on “Privacy
  • Click on “Advertising
  • Turn on the switch next to “Limit Ad Tracking

Congratulations! Pat yourself on the back for taking time to keep your information safe 🙂




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